New IRC channel !! : #soulfathermaps (Quakenet) (Idle pls for mapping help)

August 7, 2005 : A lot has happened....again

This I'm not sure what to say, other than I'm still around, still very active but only with the Kreedz Climbing community. I have been working with a team as Project Manager and Lead Level Designer of a new MOD for Half-Life2 called simply: Kreedz Climbing. Check out our website right HERE. In the news piece below this I mentioned releasing 3 maps....well....I just kind of didnt for some reason. I'll get around to it sooner or later...the MOD has priority right now hehehe. Peace out !

October 22, 2004 : A lot has happened....
This took a long time but we finally got the FTP installed again and running. I at least now have all the pictures of all the maps back up now so you can see what you might download, and then also updated the link page with the 3 most important KREEDZ Websites or Forums(kzmap kzforum and I have actually 3 maps coming at you and will upload when Iget some time to do the pics for them. One is normal (52hr contest) and some jump maps. Keep in touch people spread the new address out :)

September 2, 2004 : KZ_FAW_CATHEDRAL RELEASED !!
This is the official release of my long awaited cathedral map. It comes to you in 2 versions. the one intended for servers is kz_faw_cathedral_e (easy) and the one intended to drive you crazy with difficulty is kz_faw_cathedral_h (hard). For the hard version you will need to be able to maintain 40fps. There are slants in it that cannot be solved with less than 40 Frames per Second. Thanks to the [FAW] clan for sponsoring this map made for them. Also a huge thanks go out to Laffran, for the friendship, support, and testing of this map. Thanks to Kreedz for the upload and support. Have fun climbing !! Both versions of the map come with 2 mini maps, the Loading Bay and the long version of The Columns, The Big Columns.

Watch out because I will be taking part in the 52h contest presented at and the 00clan.

June 19, 2004 : ALL Map pics uploaded, 4 Cathedral Beta1 pics,
and my First CS Movie for Climb maps!!

I finally took the time to make some screens of all of my CS maps and uploaded them. Only cs_stagefright is not included, because it was ruined by the hostage changes of CS1.5 and I don't have the .rmf anymore to fix it. Aside from that my CATHEDRAL is coming along really nicely in it's first beta stage and theres pics of it on my KZMAPS download page! It has also been renamed to kz_faw_cathedral.
Before I forget: I made a CS Jump movie that can be downloaded: Extreme Climbers of CS. Get it at (sometimes its down because of bandwidth problems). It shows what can be done with CS1.6 in a jumping and strafing and bunnyhopping way that you didn't believe was possible, and features a 360° view of the cathedral before it hit beta :) The movie is a bit over 17 minutes long and weighs only 133 MB.
Enjoy all of that good stuff :)

May 18, 2004 : KZ_MAN_MADNESS FIXED !!
I just uploaded kz_man_madness AGAIN. It had a few small problems on a server with more than one person (sound). If you downloaded this file before today, you will need to download it again....or erase the .bsp and connect to a server thats running it....and download only that part there. Sorry for this inconvenience. There will be no more updates on it PERIOD.

May 17, 2004 : KZ_MAN_MADNESS Released!!
I just uploaded kz_man_madness to our friendly Excalibur server, thanks to the FAW Clan. This is my first "jump" map for Kreedz and the M@N Clan and sets my mapping milestone at exactly 30. 30 maps...4 more and I have one map for each year of my life! lol You can expect more of these maps from me because I really like the concept. You should too! Check it out...jump yer ass off! This map features 2 mini-maps and 1 secret room.
Go to the CS MAPS / KZ_MAPS for the download of this file.

May 2, 2004 : SF_COLUMNS2 Released!!
I just uploaded sf_columns2. It's the same layout as sf_columns but it is much nicer looking. New textures, nice lighting effects and a bunch of crates for cover, make the map much more fun to play. Go to the MISC Maps page (behind CS Maps link) for the file.
Have fun with that.....PODbot waypoints included.

May 1, 2004 : 11 more maps with links to Download!!
I just uploaded another 11 maps !(de_austinbotblast2, de_devilgrin_ruins, nw_waterbomb, Spaniard_awp, cs_soulcity, GOLDtraining, and all 5 of the Ricochet maps) to my friends server over at Excalibur[FAW]. You should go check them out, they have a lot to offer in maps, mappacks, sounds, amx plugins, and other fun stuff and they host probably one of the most fun public servers I have ever played on. The guys over there are really cool so hit this link
Excalibur (German Site) by Fragge Alle Weicheier
Go give them some attention because they are being really nice and allowing me to upload all my maps so you can download them!!
Thanks to them for the help !!!

April 28, 2004 : SF is BACK Online !!
Thanks to "a few Great and Generous Men" over at Bots-United, especially Nova and Onno Kreuzinger, I have a site back up on the Net to continue offering you more cool downloads of my custom maps and waypoints for the Pod-bot series. I took a year long break from the Counter-Strike scene because I ran out of creative energy for the game and began playing a MMORPG called Ashen Empires (formerly known as Dransik). Since I had heard that AI Coder, Pierre-Marie Baty was digging into the source code of POD-Bot 2.6 to fix all the bugs, I have taken it upon myself to get directly involved with its developement, contributing an extreme amount of time to testing his updates and suggesting improvements on the Waypoint editor and on the bots overall behavior. Some of my ideas are part of the bot now. I also rewrote the Botnames.txt and Botchat.txt to offer some fresh imput and have re-waypointed every single standard map for CS1.5 and CS1.6 to fit this bots new features and abilities. Check out the new features offered and the great new behavior patterns and navigation expertise of this Metamod plugin "POD-Bot2.6mm". It can only be played with

Metamod Version 1.17.

Feel free to wander about my new site, I hope you like it, I just spent all night making all the graphics for it and compared to my last site I have gotten a lot better at this HTML stuff :) Once again I get to boast that everything you see here was made by me... self made is 10 times more fullfilling!








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